Human-Centered Experiences
From the Ground Up

We’re a research facility with adjacent services in ideation, rapid prototyping, innovation strategy, UX, and product development, all in-house (while you take a breather away from yours).

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Designed by Innovators, For Innovators.

We know what we’d want, so we built it into THRIVE Labs. Market research environments designed not just to be functional but delightful to spend the day in. In-house, optional services like industrial, brand and user experience design help get your ideas to the right fidelity quickly. And our prototyping services help you iterate and fail fast early in the development process – giving you the confidence and conviction to design what’s next.

Flexible Venues for A Variety of Consumer Research and Usability Testing Engagements

Modern design, urban setting, and just plain useful research spaces with a comfortable vibe and an easy-to-access location. Perfect for focus groups, one-on-one interviews, formative and summative usability testing, and co-creation sessions.

Expert Moderation, So You Can Go Deep with Your Audience

Our team has a broad range of industry expertise in innovation, design thinking methodologies, and co-creation techniques to surface those game-changing disruptive insights that will help you to outdistance the competition.

Full-Service Respondent Recruiting That's Focused and Effective

We partner with the best recruiters on a local and national scale to identify the right respondents for your study, managing even the trickiest recruits for our clients. Being a research facility in Atlanta, centrally located in the middle of a large, diverse respondent pool, doesn’t hurt either.

On-Site Design & Prototyping To Bring Your Ideas to Life

Rapidly build and test concepts by creating physical or digital prototypes early and often as part of an actual design sprint, supported by expert strategists, designers, and engineers.

Book a Lab

Collaborate with THRIVE’s experts for customer interviews, focus groups or user testing, and plug into our firm-wide philosophy of human-centered problem-solving.

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